For Clinicians, By Clinicians

We draw from our own clinical experience to deliver data solutions that are fast, scalable, and competitively priced
Why Distal?

(Health) care is all we do, and it shows

do no harm

We recognize that every decision has the potential to adversely impact patient care, which is why clinical experience drives our product development, not the other way around. Through this unique approach, Distal delivers information you can trust, every time.

Learner's mindset, Pro skills

Every clinic, health center, and hospital is different - so why settle for cookie-cutter solutions? We listen before we plan, and plan before we act. Along the way, we draw from our experience in building data platforms that process billions of clinical encounters a day.

Simply put: We're here for you

We have first-hand experience with the challenges of managing patients in today's value-based environment. That's why we strive to deliver a delightfully simple experience. From easy-to-use products to straightforward pricing, we make it easy for you to do your most meaningful work.

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Make your data go further

Distal empowers healthcare providers through business intelligence solutions that are clinically meaningful and easy to use.

Reporting made easy

Distal is a cloud-based data stewardship platform that streamlines compliance reporting and enables continuous quality improvement. 

Smarter, faster decisions

Our proprietary algorithms process data 20 times faster than manual processes, thereby shortening time-to-insight by 4-6X.

made just for you

Distal combines disparate sources, maps clinical concepts, and validates data quality, then delivers clinically-standardized information directly to third-party analytics tools.

Save money now, and as you grow

Starting at only $2000/mo, Distal is the most cost-effective data stewardship solution on the market - and it lowers the cost of scaling existing analytics solutions by 30-40%.

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About Distal

At Distal, we believe that the best health outcomes stem from care that is patient-centric and data-driven. Our mission is to equip clinicians with the information they need to do their most meaningful work. We combine machine learning with clinical experience to deliver software solutions that empower healthcare providers with clinically-meaningful business intelligence.

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